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Have you ever asked yourself how much time your child spends exercising every day?  Do they walk or bike to school?  Do they play football at break or lunch time with their friends?  Are they engaged in after school PE clubs or sports clubs outside of the gym?   How far do you think they can run without stopping or getting out of breath?  What positive or negative impact is this having on their short term and long-term health implications?  

Mr Weir, CTL for PE, put the fitness levels of one group of year 8s to the test this term.  The task was simple and is still ongoing.  Run walk or jog around the tennis courts for ten minutes without stopping every day.  The results were fascinating.  Students who are engaged in sports clubs within and outside the academy had excellent cardiovascular endurance.  Students who were not engaged in sporting activities inside or outside of the academy struggled to jog or even walk fast for the very short duration of time, with some students unable to even jog for one lap of the tennis courts.  After just one week this had changed completely and more that 80% of the students can maintain a jog for at least one or two laps.  Interestingly the students who engaged in the sports clubs can now run up to 11 laps of the courts at a very fast pace!  

New government guidelines advise that your child should be getting at least one hour of exercise every single day!

Recent figures show that the level of obesity among children in Lincolnshire aged between 10 and 11 years of age is around 2 in every 10 children.  

The risks of your child being obese are very serious as once established obesity is notoriously difficult to treat, so prevention and early intervention are very important.  Risks include low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep and fatigue.  

Just one hour a day of exercise can ensure your child will have stronger bones and muscles, be less likely to be overweight in the future, decrease the chance of your child developing type two diabetes which is on the rise, have a better outlook on life as well as benefiting from lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

The PE department is completely committed to ensuring that no barriers are in place that could prevent your child from reaching their full sporting potential and have been working very hard with Lincolnshire Sport and local clubs and agencies to provide outstanding opportunities for your children as well as funding for gifted and talented Athletes.    This year’s opportunities are funded by the academy and Lincolnshire Sport, through the School Club Links funding, and are completely free for your child.  We hope you take full advantage of what is on offer and are very proud to have been recognised this week by Lincolnshire Sport for our excellent school club links.