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Royal British Legion Poetry Competition Winners

The West Grantham Academy St Hugh’s is delighted to announce that Lilliemae Reid and Lucas Gowen have won first and second prize respectively in the "Royal British Legion: Thank You" national poetry competition.

The judges commented that they were "extremely impressed by the poetry and [we] believe that Lilliemae and Lucas should be extremely proud of their work!" 

The national competition received over 1,100 entries, so this really is an incredible achievement.  Everyone at the academy is obviously extremely proud and delighted. Congratulations to them both.

For Everyone We Stand

by Lilliemae Reid

For everyone who isn’t remembered,
For everyone who is remembered,
For every young boy who left just to fight,
For every man who couldn't see the light,
For every woman that took on what she knew she couldn't handle,
For every young child that lived in fright,
For everyone who fought the fight.

We stand for everyone,
Because thanks to them we stand, We stand for remembrance,
Because the remembrance is the only thanks,
We stand for them.
The men, boys, women, girls who fought for us,
Fought for our future.
Fought for our country.
Fought for a chance.

We thank you with all our hearts,
May you be remembered,
For ever more.


To Great Grandad Gowen

by Lucas Gowen

With your child and wife
In mind you fought.

With hope that peace would spread
Across the globe.
You fought.

You fought for your country
You fought for your family
You fought for the world.

Thank you for everything you did,
Rest well knowing we lead
Our lives
Because of your sacrifice.

Rest well…
Your Great Grandchild.