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Creativity Responsibility Wisdom

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  • Christmas Biscuits

    Published 22/11/18

    This week in our family learning group we decorated our own Christmas biscuits.

    If you would like to come along and find out more, we meet every Thursday from 9.00 am until 11.00 am. Everyone is welcome! 

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  • What Makes a good Castle? Ask the King!

    Published 19/10/18

    This term Year 2 have been asking the question, "What is a good castle?" 

    King Henry and King James wrote to us to ask us if we could design a castle for them, as theirs was destroyed.  We started by thinking about the features of castles and then we designed our own, working out how we could keep the castle safe.

    After we had evaluated our designs we were able to construct a prototype castle.  Once these were built we had the opportunity to present them to King James and King Henry!

    We loved talking to the kings about our designs.

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  • Year 1 Trip to Sherwood Pines

    Published 15/10/18

    Year 1 visited Sherwood Pines with Year 7 students from St Hugh's.

    We explored the natural surroundings using ICT and took many photographs, exploring the different techniques and filters we could apply to each one. 

    Upon our return to school the children created a collage of the photographs they had taken and wrote about their adventure!

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  • A Visit from an Electrician

    Published 02/10/18

    On Friday 28 September, Mr Perkins came into school to talk to us about his profession as an electrician. He explained what an electrician was and what some of the tasks he has to do on a daily basis as part of his profession.

    He explained how he ensures he is safe when doing anything with electricity.  We were then given the opportunity to carry out one of the jobs that electricians do – fitting a conduit and wiring.

    We worked in teams to complete different conduit circuits, ensuring that we were safe by wearing goggles and gloves.  At the end of the session we helped Mr Perkins to complete an electrical circuit to get some lights to work, and then we asked him questions about his job.

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  • Try, try, try Again!

    Published 27/09/18

    Our second resilience day was a huge success.  The children and staff had a truly wonderful time!

    The day was filled with a wide variety of activities that involved the children utilising the key life skills of determination, effective communication and resilience.

    The motto ‘Try, Try, Try Again!’ could be heard as the children (and staff!) overcame their fears and persevered to complete tasks.  The day was all made possible thanks to the amazing Mrs Walledge who organised another brilliant and exciting day for all!

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    Published 03/09/18

    Welcome back to all students.

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  • EYFS Graduation

    Published 19/07/18

    The children’s EYFS graduation was a truly momentous occasion.

    The children were praised for their tremendous achievements throughout the year.  Each child was presented with their own certificate, highlighting a specific area of strength.  The EYFS team are incredibly proud of all children; it has been a truly amazing year!

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  • A Big Screen Treat

    Published 19/07/18

    Students who achieved 100% attendance for the academic year received an extra special treat from our attendance officer, Mrs Eveleigh.

    They watched a film on the large screen, made their own ice cream sundae and ate popcorn.  Then they all had their photograph taken in our custom photo booth.


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  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park

    Published 13/07/18

    Children in reception, year 2 and year 4 visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster this week. 

    When we arrived we went straight to see all of the amazing animals.  We saw monkeys, lions, tigers, leopards, polar bears, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, and meerkats to name just a few.

    We had our lunch before playing in the adventure playground.  In the afternoon we continued our journey around the Wildlife Park before returning to school.  We all had a wonderful day, and we were exhausted when we returned to school.

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    Published 21/06/18

    This week we have been reading ‘The Tiger who Came to Tea’.  The children wrote invitations at the beginning of the week and the tiger joined us for our tea party at school.

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  • What Makes a Rock Pool Great?

    Published 08/06/18

    To launch our new rock pool topic this term, we brought the beach to St John’s!  The children had the chance to play beach ball games, eat ice-cream, build sandcastles and play in water, and they even created some seaside art.

    What a fantastic time we had.

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  • Spring is Here!

    Published 18/04/18

    Today we went on a spring walk with our friends.  We searched for signs of spring all around school and we talked about the changes that we had seen,showing us that spring has begun.

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