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St John’s A Church of England Academy

Creativity Responsibility Wisdom

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The Raindrops loved the Spring sunshine last week!  They enjoyed accessing the trim trail demonstrating their fantastic physical skills. 







prehistoric fun!

Our topic this term is dinosaurs. We have talked about how to carry scissors carefully to the table and how to use them safely. Hope and Roguen cut their dinosaurs out with care. 

As part of our topic, the Raindrops turned into dinosaur detectives!  They looked carefully to see if the dinosaurs footprints were the same or different.  They all had great fun creating the different footprints! 

One day they discovered a dinosaur egg!  They each held the egg with care as they passed it around the circle.  They made sure that they were quiet all day so that they didn't disturb the egg.  Each child made their own dinosaur nest and talked about the changes they saw happening.  The children used chocolate eggs instead of real dinosaur ones! 

To see photos of Raindrops enjoying their dinosaur topic, please click on the link below: