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St John’s A Church of England Academy

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On Wednesday the year 4s enjoyed a Roman themed day.  The day was led by Dom from Portals to the Past.  He started the day talking about the founding of Rome and the children re-enacted the story of Romulus and Remus.  Following this, we were told some fascinating facts about the Romans, of which the children particularly enjoyed hearing about how they used mouse brains for toothpaste and dog wee for mouth wash!

We were then introduced to some great maths games where the children used their knowledge of Roman numerals.  We also played a game of ‘3 in a row’ where children had to move 3 counters around a circular board to try and beat their opponent by being the first to get 3 counters in a row.  This proved to be a great game and the children were eager to try and beat both the teachers and Dom!

In the afternoon, we went out onto the playground and learned some marching patterns and battle moves.  Having being told to make noise to frighten the enemy, I can assure you that the year 4s made a very scary platoon!


The final part of the day looked at Roman armour and weapons and Robert, from Green class, was dressed in metal body armour.  He informs me it was extremely heavy and would be ‘very hard to wear in battle’.

Both the children and staff had a fantastic day. The children were fully engaged and learned a great deal from the experience. 

Dom, from Portals in the Past, was really impressed with the children and left a note for Mr Woolerton which read:  ‘Thank you for a wonderful day. It has been one of the best workshops I have ever done! Your children are polite, friendly and a credit to you.’

The children and staff from year 4 would like to thank Dom for an amazing day.  We had a brilliant hands-on day and it will be a day we remember for a long time!


Mr Hardy

Class teacher