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In English, year 3 became crime scene investigators

We had to pretend that we were police detectives. Our teacher used drama to bring the lesson to life. We had to investigate a crime that had been committed in the school office, and we needed to look for clues. Finally we used the information we discussed about the crime to write up a police report.  

Layla said, 'I really liked the lesson, because it was fun. We had to pretend to be police officers and look for clues at the crime scene..'

Cameron: said, 'I liked looking for and finding the clues in the crime scene and I liked being the ‘inspector’, I had a clipboard to write down the clues and I liked earning wit h Mr ‘PC’ Prestidge.'

Andrew added, 'I liked it when I was promoted to ‘detective’ because I found a lot of the clues. I liked being a detective because I could give the other police officers information about the crime.'