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Water Safety

Dennis from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) visited the lower site to talk about the organisation and how to stay safe in the water and at sea.


We watched a clip all about lifeboat rescues and discussed the possible dangers such as rivers, floods, ponds, sea, hot tubs, paddling pools and bath. Dennis told the children that wherever there is water we need to stay safe while still having fun!

Dennis showed us the different flags that we may see on the beach; the children know that a red and yellow flag means that it is safe, however if they see a red flag they must never go into the sea.  He then showed us a black and white chequered flag, which is a flag for surfboards only.

The children learned that lifeguards wear red and yellow clothes and that this uniform can be seen all over the world, however in different countries they have different coloured flags to indicate whether it is safe to go into the water. Dennis told us that the busiest station is in the River Thames in London.

Dennis explained that it only takes a very small amount of water to drown. The boys and girls were able to recall that the numbers that we can ring if you are in trouble - 999 or 112.