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St John’s A Church of England Academy

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The topic this term in EYFS is 'People Who Help Us' and the children have been very busy this week learning about adults who help them.

Raindrops class went in search of people of who help us around the academy and took photographs on their iPads to show their friends who they had found.  They loved meeting all of the grown ups and seeing what they do in school.

This week we are also looking at how the police help us.  When the Raindrops children came into school on Monday they found a crime scene in their outdoor area!  They worked together to investigate whether Humpty Dumpty fell or whether he was pushed!

PCSO Will and Jessica came into see the boys and girls and talked about the role of the police officer. They explained that they are the good guys, just like superheroes, and they help to look after us. They explained that if the boys and girls get lost they are there to help find their parents and that they put the naughty people into jail as they are not nice and they have made wrong choices. Will and Jessica talked about their uniform and the children enjoyed trying on the different pieces of the uniform that they had brought with them. The PCSOs also took the children outside to show them inside their police car - they loved pretending to drive to an emergency! 

In Reception the children investigated their very own crime scene and have been busy been solving clues and documenting the evidence left at the scene.  Later in the week they found out that it was Goldilocks who committed the crime when they heard the different alibis of the fairy-tale characters. The children photographed the evidence and drew sketches of the crime scene. They have written a police report and have been busy creating 'Wanted' posters to find Goldilocks, as she has gone on the run since eating the teacher’s breakfast!

To see more pictures from the children's very busy week as detectives, please click on the link below: