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St John’s A Church of England Academy

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Raindrops had a very busy end of term.

Each Raindrop wrote a postcard about something that they were good at in Raindrops.  They took them to the office so that Mrs Bevan could give them to Postman Pat to deliver to their homes.

Isla (and mummy) was delighted to find this when she came home from nursery!  'Such a lovely idea, thank you!' (parent comment on Tapestry)

The boys and girls love their weekly Jo Jingles sessions with Charlotte. They sing a selection of songs, investigate how different instruments sound and how to change the sounds that their instruments make!

 'Let it snow!' Came to our minds when we saw the snowflakes through the window. The children went out to explore what the snow to looks and feels like to them.

To see photos of the children having fun in these activities please visit our Raindrops photo gallery on the link below: