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St Hugh’s A Church of England Academy

Creativity Responsibility Wisdom

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Students are introduced to the skills of drawing through termly drawing tests, viewing their development and improvement each term. Drawing is the basis of all art. This develops the students' confidence and skill. Each term students experience painting, printmaking and sculpture; each starting point is age appropriate and engaging. Students learn how to develop ideas influenced by artists researched, experimenting with different media to create exciting final pieces.

Team and roles within the team

  • Jacqui Pearson - Teacher of Art and Design (
  • Tracey Bainbridge - Teacher of Art and Design (
  • Sally Undy - Technician (


Year 7 

  1. The Formal Elements: Drawing skills workshops
  2. Festivals and Celebrations (in conjunction with RE): Culture Diwali, Day of the Dead, Artist Research 2D/3D outcomes
  3. Cells (in conjuction with science), Abstarction, Artist Research, Introduction to Printmaking
  4. Cells, final composition incorporating print
  5. Portraiture : Drawing studies, artist research, design ideas
  6. Portraiture: Final composition (mixed media)

Baseline show drawing test at the start of each term 

Year 8 

  1. Culture: Native American Totem Poles, Drawing Studies, Artist Research, Design Ideas
  2. Cultures: Group 3D paper based sculpture to create class Totem
  3. Shakespeare: Drawing/Painting Studies, Artist Research, Design Ideas
  4. Shakespeare: Mixed Media Final Composition
  5. Food Glorious Food: Drawing studies, Printmaking, Artist Research, Design Ideas
  6. Food Glorious Food: Final Composition incorporating print

Baseline crushed can drawing test at the start of each term 


Year 9 

  1. Under the Sea, Drawing/Dry media workshops, Artist Research
  2. Under the sea: Wet media workshops, Artist Research
  3. Only Human: Portraiture Mixed media experimentation Artist Research
  4. Only Human: Human figure  Mixed Media experimentation Artist research
  5. Fragments: Independent themed project
  6. Fragments: Independent themed project final composition

Baseline every day drawing test at the start of each term

Year 10 
1.    Still life GCSE drawing and painting skills, artist research
2.    Abstract art workshops drawing and painting skills, artist research
3.    ‘Freedom’ Portraiture, Still life, Abstraction Unit 1 
4.    Unit 1 individual student’s drawing and painting Coursework 
5.    Unit 1 individual student’s printmaking, media studies coursework
6.    Unit 1 individual student’s final piece coursework

Baseline drawing test at the start of each term, still life/ portraiture 

Year 11
1.    Continue Unit 1 ‘Human Condition’ Coursework and complete Photography summer work.
2.    Presentation of  all art work, improvements made
3.    Exam paper Unit 2 given to all students after 1 January, 12 weeks to create drawing skills, design                  ideas 
4.    Exam 10 hours to complete final piece 

Baseline drawing test at the start of each term, still life/ portraiture