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Careers Guidance at St Hugh's

Good quality careers education will raise the aspirations of all young people. It will increase motivation by linking activities in school with preparation for life post 16 and post 18.

CEIAG will therefore contribute to raising pupil achievement, help students focus on their longer-term career ambitions and ensure an equality of opportunity for all.

At St Hugh’s, we provide a comprehensive CEIAG programme to students in every year group and of all abilities and this includes aspects of work related learning, enterprise education and options choices. Our SEND students are working closely with our internal additional needs team and external providers.

Through our evaluations, the school annually assesses the impact of the careers programme on students and this is verified via an external moderator and independent audits. Views are sought from all stakeholders and the programme evolves year on year to consider the needs of students and the local, national and global jobs market.

Most people spend many years of their life in a working environment and it is important to equip our students with the necessary skills for them to career plan and know how and where to access impartial and unbiased information. Developing key enterprise and employability skills are important to us. This activity enables students to further develop their skills and provides opportunities for them to work within their community, having a direct positive impact.

The Careers programme is developed in consideration of the CDI (Career Development Institute) framework and the Gatsby Report's benchmarks.  Three key areas are:

  • Self Development - through careers, employability and enterprise education
  • Careers Exploration - learning about careers and the world of work
  • Career Management - learning how to develop career management and employability skills (to include managing changes and transitions)

The guidance from the DfE places a duty on schools to secure access to unbiased and impartial careers guidance for their students.

The academy shares student data with the external careers guidance practitioner so that impartial and individual advice can be offered. During the interview process the student is asked to provide consent to opt in to the sharing of their data to key members of staff and parents/carers. In addition, intended destination data is provided to Lincolnshire County Council, as per the DfE requirement, so they can also provide additional support to students, where necessary, once they leave school.

Parents and carers have an important role to play in supporting their child with their careers planning and we have provided some useful documents linked to this page and a dedicated parents/carers page.

For further information about our careers programme please contact: Miss Martin, Careers Lead on 01476 405200 or Email:


Schools have a critical role to play in preparing students for the next stage of their education and they are given careful careers guidance at St Hugh’s.  Our aim is to help students develop high aspirations and consider a broad range of careers which will allow them to reach their full potential.

Students are able to access a range of activities to inspire and motivate them, including visits to colleges, sixth forms and universities, motivational speakers and employer talks including the armed forces, visits from Lincolnshire Outreach and opportunities with The National Citizen Service and a visit to the Skills Show at the NEC Birmingham.

Students for years 9 to 11 will be involved in a wide range of practical activities throughout the year which will inspire and inform them about the wide range of options available to them post-16 and beyond.

Impartial independent one to one careers guidance by a qualified advisor is provided to year 10 and 11 students to guide them through the range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and other vocational pathways. 

It's Your Choice!

The options Post 16 are:

  • Continuing to study at a sixth form destination
  • Continuing to study at a college of further education
  • Applying for an apprenticeship or a similar work-based learning programme
  • Applying for a position in the Armed Forces
  • Entering the job market subject to compliance with the raising of the employment participation age

All students have access to a range of careers-related resources via Miss Martin, our Careers Leader.  The KUDOS online careers platform was launched at the academy in January 2019. 

The local authority no longer provides free access to external careers guidance practitioners (i.e. Connexions), however all students in year 11 will be interviewed to discuss their options, the raising of the participation age, and the provision of advice relating to future pathways via our in-house triage service and the Complete Careers external body.   

Miss Martin is available during tutor time, break time, lunchtime and after school to help with any information or advice you may require.  Summary records of career and work-related activities you have taken part in during your time at the academy can also be made available. 

We like to encourage school leavers to sign up as alumni so that we remain in contact.  Sometimes we contact alumni to arrange returns to the academy in support roles, or to offer advice at careers fairs.  We are always pleased to learn more about what our former students are doing and the career paths they have taken. 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our students the best of luck with their career plans; we hope we can help you all achieve your goals and provide you with the skills you need to enjoy and contribute to the world of work. 

Team and roles within the team:

Useful website links:

Parents and Carers

Parents and carers have an important role to play in supporting their child with career planning, Post 14 and Post 16. 

Many of the resources available to students are also accessible from home.  We encourage parents and carers to look through these with their children in order to find out more about the local labour market and the opportunities available from local colleges and apprenticeship providers.

KUDOS is a particularly useful tool to help students track whereabouts they are on their journey and what is important as they begin to make their GCSE and Post 16 choices. KUDOS also includes a CV builder and other tools for career planning.

We have scheduled weekly sessions with KUDOS for all our students, as follows:  

Date Activity 1 Year Groups Location Activity 2 Location Year Groups
9 January Kudos Launch KS3 Hall Kudos Launch Hall KS4
16 January Apprenticeships KS3 Hall Apprenticeships Hall KS4
23 January Media and Tech Workshop KS3 Hall

Working with Kudos

Classroom KS4
30 January Performing Arts Workshop KS3 Hall CV Writing Classroom KS4
6 February Pathways Lecture KS3 Hall Pathways Lecture Hall KS4
13 February Mock Interviews and Application Assistance KS3 Hall Public Services TBC KS4

Data protection and GDPR

Students and their parents/carers should be aware that basic on-roll school data may be provided to some external agencies i.e. the careers guidance specialist and work experience providers.  In addition, data regarding students' intended destinations Post 16 is requested by the local authority as part of the school's statutory duty. During the careers interview process, students are asked for their consent to opt in to data being shared with key members of staff and parents/carers. 

Should you require any further information, please email the Careers Leader

Employers and Training Providers

Would you like to work with us?  We are always interested in expanding our network of companies and employers to support our careers education and work-related learning programme.  

If you are interested in supporting a specific  curriculum subject area, or would be able to attend a careers-related event or drop-in clinic, please contact our Careers Leader

Training providers can work with us to provide students with additional information on qualifications and apprenticeships.  The academy has always welcomed representatives from training organisations, further and higher education and technical colleges, and apprenticeship providers. 

You are invited to submit information relating to provision electronically.  Where possible, we will share this with our students via their online careers folder or on our careers notice boards. 

Please note that all offers of onsite support are subject to availability of rooms and will take in to consideration our timetabled curriculum.  Additionally, providers wishing to work at the academy must be GDPR compliant.  Our provider access policy is located at the bottom of this page. 


All teaching staff at the academy have access to a wide range of careers and work-related resources to support delivery in their subject areas.  Resources for print or download can be found within the careers folder in the shared staff area. 

Teaching and support staff are regularly involved in supporting careers and enterprise activities during dedicated collapsed timetable events, and also provide ongoing support to students with regard to progression routes and their choices after their time at the academy.