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Drama and Performing Arts



Students will primarily be looking at basic drama skills from the onset of the curriculum to enable development in preparation for the BTEC Tech Award in Key Stage 4. 

Following on from this, students will then develop their understanding of varying stage performances and genres.  This will give a greater understanding and insight of the production and performance industry.

Subsequently, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their practical and theoretic skills by way of contributing towards a performance; understanding the importance of effective role play and production.

Team and roles within the team

Billie O'Malley - Teacher of Drama (

KS3 Curriculum

Year 7 Drama

Term 1 – Personification
Term 2 – Audience Awareness
Term 3 – Miming
Term 4 – Freeze Frame
Term 5 – Thought Tracking
Term 6 – Production

Year 8 Drama

Term 1 – Use and Control of Voice
Term 2 – Use and Control of Movement
Term 3 – Characterisation
Term 4 – Costume
Term 5 – Set Design
Term 6 – Production

KS3 Assessment

There will be either a written or practical assessment at the end of each term for years 7 and 8.

KS4 Curriculum

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts

A practical introduction to life and work in the industry.   Delivered four hours per fortnight.  

Component 1

Internal Assessment



Exploring the Performing Arts

Observe and reproduce existing repertoire.


Performance styles, creative intentions and purpose.

Performance role, responsibilities and skills.

Performance techniques, approaches and processes.

How practitioners create and influence what’s performed.

Component 2

Internal Assessment



Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts

Gain physical, interpretative, vocal and rehearsal skills during workshops and classes.

Apply technical, stylistic and interpretive skills in performances.

Reflect on progress and use of skills in performance, as well as improvement strategies.

Component 3

Synoptic Externally Assessed



Performing to a Brief

Use the brief and new knowledge of ideas for the performance.

Choose the skills and techniques required.

Build on skills in classes, workshops and rehearsals.

Review the development process within an idea and skills log.

Perform a filmed piece to a chosen target audience.

Reflect on performance in an evaluation report.

Year 9 BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts

Term 1 – Introduction to the course, expectations and deadlines, roles and responsibilities

Term 2 – Devising from a brief: "The Heat is On"

Term 3 – Practitioners Work

Term 4 – Types of Theatre

Term 5 – Devising from a brief

Term 6 – Devising from a brief: "Too fast"

Year 10 BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts

Term 1 – Verbatim Theatre: "London Riots"

Term 2 – Verbatim Theatre: "I love You Dan, I Promise I won’t Die"

Term 3 – Stanislavski Repertoire

Term 4 – Brecht Repertoire 

Term 5 – Artaud Repertoire

Term 6 – Devising from a brief and stimulus

KS4 Assessment

There will be a practical assessment at the end of each term for years 9 and 10, complemented by theory coursework.

Full Pearson Specification and further details please click on the link below; 

To support the course, there are also performances available to attend which enrich learning and develop critical thinking within the production industry.  These performance opportunities will be directly related to the practitioner’s repertoire studied at that time.