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St John’s A Church of England Academy

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As English Co-ordinator, I have established and implemented the English curriculum. We have been working on embedding the new National Curriculum and are developing children’s writing and reading skills. We have developed our curriculum around books and our Topic areas. The curriculum encourages children to be writing in different genres and text types.

I enjoy working with other professionals and networking in developing our English practices in develop the children’s learning and creating opportunities for reading and writing.

In Reading, our focus is to ensure that children love, enjoy and have a passion for reading. Read wide. Read often. It is extremely important that children have many opportunities for reading and writing, which does not stop at school. Reading at home is paramount and we ask that children read at least ten minutes a night with their parents/carers.

English Moderation:

Moderation is a process that we use widely to ensure that we are all secure in our assessment on learning. We do this process throughout the year to ensure that we have assessed correctly and to check the progress of the children. These opportunities are vital and have aided our assessment within the school. This process is taken place both internally and externally.

English Assessment:

Summative Assessment

Within the year children are assessed during termly assessment week.  Within that week, they are assessed in reading, writing and grammar.  The reading and grammar are assessed using year group, timed, assessments which demonstrate the child’s ability with the objectives taught that term.

Writing is assessed throughout the year with unaided writing, children are taught different genres of writing and at the end of the unit they are expected to write an independent piece which is assessed against the year group writing objectives.

There is a weekly spelling test completed in each year group to assess children’s knowledge of spellings and spelling conventions.

Formative Assessment

Through marking and feedback, the children are assessed against objectives to inform future planning. Children are left challenges to assess their prior learning or a current learning objective. Within lessons, children are expected to peer and self-mark, which allows them to assess their own and others learning. This is a powerful tool in order for children to understand personal target and next steps in learning.

Mrs Woolerton – English Co-ordinator

The attached documents are used by class teachers to plan our English lessons for years 1 to 6.