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St Hugh’s A Church of England Academy

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The English team comprises five teaching staff, plus a dedicated graduate mentor and a reading teacher. The team shares a genuine love of language and literature and a passion for reading - something we strive to share with our students.

As a forward-thinking department, we understand the need for change. Consequently, the English curriculum is an ever-changing force, adapting to the needs of individual learners now, and for their future.  New specifications at KS4 and a new curriculum at KS3 have enabled the department to revitalise planning and resources for 2016/17, ensuring our love of Literacy is transferred to students and that they are equipped for the challenges ahead of them. This includes making IT an integral part of many of our lessons, enabling students to explore texts in new ways such as through making their own comic books and animations using iPads, and ensuring ease of dialogue between students and their teacher to maximise potential and progress for all.

Team and roles within the team

  • Ms Clayton: Second in English Department (
  • Mrs Kuffour: Deputy Headteacher / Teacher of English (
  • Mrs Mitchell: Teacher of English (
  • Mrs Hesketh: Teacher of English (
  • Mr Power: Teacher of English (
  • Mrs Dammes: Graduate Mentor (

KS3 Curriculum

The KS3 curriculum is divided into three schemes of learning, each comprising a reading and writing element, providing opportunities for the study of whole novels, poetry, drama (including Shakespeare), non-fiction and media texts. Alongside these units are ‘Accelerated Reading’ and ‘Read Write Inc.’, both delivering personalised reading experiences where texts are carefully selected for each student.  In 2016/17, students in KS3 will be enjoying reading Holes, Trash, Private Peaceful and Maggot Moon, along with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest, a range of war and modern poetry, and a selection of non-fiction texts linked to their reading.

KS3 Assessment

Students are assessed in reading and writing twice every half term, with teachers identifying which class work pieces will be used as assessed work prior to their completion. These pieces are levelled using the English department’s own marking criteria which directly links to GCSE assessment objectives to ensure progression can be monitored from year 7 through to year 11.

KS4 Curriculum

In KS4, the new curriculum has brought about a change in exam board, and all students are now working towards GCSEs in both English Language and English Literature with AQA. The courses for both GCSEs are varied and challenging, providing students with the opportunity to engage with pre 19th century texts such as Jekyll and Hyde, A Christmas Carol and Macbeth, alongside more modern offerings such as Blood Brothers and extracts from a variety of modern novels. Students study a range of themed poetry from an anthology based on power and conflict, alongside being taught the skills needed to analyse a previously unseen poem. Supporting the KS4 curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular events such as theatre trips and a popular KS4 weekly club.

KS4 Assessment

Since controlled assessments are no longer admissible, all assessment for both GCSEs will be by examination at the end of year 11. As a result, students are assessed and monitored at the end of every unit of work and encouraged to reflect on their progress regularly, using their workbooks as their own personal study guides, to be returned to as exams arise at the end of the course. For 2016/17, many of the end of unit assessments which students complete in years 10 and 11 will be held in the hall, to give students as much opportunity as possible to familiarise themselves with the pressures of the exam environment.

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