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Food Technology


Students will be introduced to the basics of food preparation, hygiene and safety during the early stages of the curriculum to which they will then start to develop practical skills enforcing these hygiene and safety rules.

Following from this students will then develop and understanding of nutrition in many different ways. First they have to understand what the basics of nutrition are, which includes the Government’s new ‘eat well guide’.

Once they have the basic understand of all these they are the able to develop their practical skills and understand the purpose of the food they are producing.

Team and roles within the team

  • Samantha Woods – Teacher of Food Technology and CTL Creative Arts (
  • Sharron Tennant – Food Technology Technician (

KS3 Curriculum

Year 7:

Term 1 – Food Safety
Term 2 – Cooking Methods
Term 3 – Eat Well Guide
Term 4 – Diet Through Life
Term 5 – Sensory Analysis
Term 6 – Practical assessments (independent skills and hygiene)

Year 8:

Term 1 – Macronutrients
Term 2 – Micronutrients
Term 3 – Food Choice
Term 4 – Special diets (Coeliac, Lactose intolerant and Diabetes)
Term 5 – International Cuisine
Term 6 – Practical assessments (independent skills and hygiene)

KS3 Assessment

There will be a written assessment at the end of each term.

KS4 Curriculum

Year 9:

Term 1 – Energy Balance / Food Safety
Term 2 – Food Science/ Food Security
Term 3 – Preparation Techniques/ Modifying Recipes
Term 4 – Improving Skills
Term 5 – Improving Skills
Term 6 – Masterchef

Year 10:

Term 1 – Nutrition
Term 2 – Food Provenance
Term 3 – Food Choice
Term 4 – Cooking Food
Term 5 – Food Preparation
Term 6 – NEA (Non-Examination Assessment) Mock – To familiarise students with the new structure

Year 11:

Term 1 – Sauce Making/ Reducing /NEA Task 1 Introduction and planning
Term 2 – Pastry Making/ Bread Making/ NEA Task 1 Scientific Investigation and Evaluation
Term 3 – Tenderising Meat/ Pasta Making/ NEA Task 2 Introduction and Planning
Term 4 – Cake/ Biscuit Making/ NEA Task 2 Time plan/ Practical Assessment/ Evaluation
Term 5 – Food Styling/ Coursework Deadline (start of May)
Term 6 – Exam Period

KS4 Assessment

In years 9 and 10 there will be a written assessment at the end of each term.

In the first year exams will be taken throughout the year per unit.

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