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St Hugh’s A Church of England Academy

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During the students’ time studying geography at St Hugh’s we study a wide range of human and physical geography.  With the advancement of technology in the geography field we are able to travel the world from our very own classroom.

Students will study different countries and our world’s natural processes such as natural hazards and what makes our world special.

There will be chance for students to travel during their time studying geography, both inside and outside the UK.  We believe that students practising their field work skills inside and outside the classroom is very important.

Team and roles within the team

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KS3 Curriculum

Year 7

Term 1:   Exploring Britain            

Term 2:   Rivers and Coasts

Term 3:   China

Term 4:   Maps

Term 5:   Energy

Term 6:   Travel and Tourism

Year 8

Term 1:   Physical Landscapes

Term 2:   Australia

Term 3:   Global Development

Term 4:   Hazards

Term 5:   Ecosystems

Term 6:   Field Skills

KS3 Assessment

Across our KS3, pupils are assessed in a wide range of ways. This includes extended pieces of writing that will prepare them for a GCSE technique of answering questions, group presentation and using the green screen to digitally transport them across the globe.

Students are assessed at six points throughout the year.

KS4 Curriculum

AQA GCSE Geography.  We teach the GCSE specification across three years.

  • Paper 1 Living with the physical environment (35% of the final mark)
  • Paper 2 Challenges in the human environment (35% of the final mark)
  • Paper 3 Geographical applications (30% of the final mark)

KS4 Assessment

Our KS4 assessment is primarily based around preparation for GCSE.  Students will have the opportunity to learn exam techniques and strategies from the very first term of their geography studies.

Students will be taught to write in an essay style for their higher mark questions and how to approach case study style exam questions. The students are assessed at six points throughout the year and this informs planning for lessons that are unique to each student.

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