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Literacy is a key focus for every student, every day at St Hugh’s, and this is reflected in the drive of all staff to promote high standards of literacy across the curriculum. This includes developing students’ skills in reading, writing, and speaking and listening, and is supported by a literacy programme which runs once a week during tutor time.

The weekly Literacy programme at St Hugh’s:

  • introduces students to keywords needed for learning
  • consolidates strategies for improving spelling
  • includes fun puzzles and games to familiarise students with idioms and cliches which have become part of our language over time, helping students to understand the world around them
  • encourages students to engage in discussion relating to news and current affairs
  • supports students’ written expression through short focused activities linked to the issues discussed

Making Time for Reading

Our determination to ensure that every student’s literacy levels meet, or exceed, age-related expectation, is reflected in our timetabled weekly lessons dedicated specifically to reading. During these sessions, all year 7 and year 8 students are given time to read and explore a wide range of novels as a class, and time to pursue independent reading for pleasure.

Reading lessons are also supported by the use of the Accelerated Reader programme, which encourages students to read widely and provides regular and accurate assessment data so that each student’s progress in literacy can be monitored and supported.

Throughout the year, various events and activities linked to Literacy are promoted across the school, including World Book Day, our popular Creative Writing Club and various creative writing competitions.

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