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Modern Foreign Languages


The Modern Foreign Languages Department at St Hugh’s is a strong and established team teaching French and Spanish. The department is housed in two well equipped classrooms within the Modern Languages area, which provide a stimulating and positive environment for our students. Each classroom is equipped with computers and /or laptops (with internet access for the teacher), and an interactive smartboard.

The aims of the department are as follows:

  • To enable students to communicate effectively and to their full potential using the target language.
  • To give students an insight into and appreciation of the culture of the countries whose language they are studying and to have a better understanding and tolerance of people.
  • To equip our students with the skills they need to access opportunities in the world of travel and work in a modern, technological society.

To enjoy language learning.

Team and roles within the team:

  • Hannah Lines -  CTL MFL and Teacher of Spanish and French (
  • Rachel Clinton - Trainee Teacher of Spanish and French (
  • James Harden - MFL Teaching Assistant (

KS3 Curriculum

French and Spanish are taught in KS3. Students have between two and three lessons a week, making up to five across the two week timetable. Students have the opportunity to choose French or Spanish as an option at the end of year 8 to start the GCSE course from year 9. There is usually the possibility to study the two languages at GCSE.

The KS3 French scheme of work is based around the EXPO/STUDIO course, and the KS3 Spanish scheme of work is based on MIRA/VIVA.  As well as the additional ICT based resources around these texts, notably Active Teach for MIRA extra departmental resources are used to enhance teaching and the new year 7 and 8 French scheme of work is especially designed to fit in with the new MFL framework and programmes of study.

KS3 Assessment

Students are assessed at the end of each term across the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing according to the curriculum map, the results of which form the progress tracking document produced termly, which is shared with parents. 

KS4 Curriculum

GCSE French and Spanish are taught in option groups from year 9 and are examined in the summer term of year 11. Students have between two and three lessons a week making up to five across the two week timetable. The course content has been structured to cover five themes and is an engaging and inspirational course of study that enables students to manipulate and use the target language effectively, independently and creatively. Authentic situations and stimuli enable the students to see the language in context and learn about the culture of the target language country.

KS4 Assessment

The Edexcel GCSE in French and Spanish consists of four examinations based on the following skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The GCSE combines controlled assessment of speaking and writing skills with Foundation or Higher tier external assessments for the listening and reading skills (2016 only).  From 2017, the course will be assessed by examination only with all of the four skills worth 25% across the two tiers. All the test papers are designed to be clear and concise and where appropriate questions feature scaffolding to help students’ progress through the assessments confidently. Reading and listening papers are structured so that there are questions both in English and in the target language and they are progressive in their level of demand with the most demanding questions being at the end of each paper. Translation tasks are progressive in their level of difficulty and are of appropriate demand at each tier. These assessments allow for spontaneity and test grammar as well as providing plenty of opportunity for students to apply their knowledge independently, creatively and in authentic situations.

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