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St John’s A Church of England Academy

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Pastoral and behaviour support

At St John’s we promote an inclusive policy and practice within our academy so that permanent exclusion is avoided whenever possible and young people are educated within their community. 

The team work specifically to support children with emotional and behavioural needs.  They work closely with identified children in order to support them within and outside the classroom.  All pupils at St John’s are expected to adhere to the expectations at St John’s and accept the consequences when their behaviour is not appropriate.  We recognise, and appreciate, that some children require additional support for a variety of reasons in order to overcome barriers (not necessarily behaviour) which ultimately impacts on their learning. This may be a short term level of support for some children, whilst others may need intervention for a more sustained period.

Any child requiring support for a period of time has a Personal Support Plan in place which outlines the nature of their support.  These plans are regularly monitored and reviewed to assess the impact that the support is having on the child.  Regular communication is maintained with parents and carers, as well as regular meetings with the child themselves.

Our staff are fully committed to ensuring that every child within the academy achieves to the best of their ability and we work together to achieve this.  When necessary the academy will involve outside agencies to seek specific professional advice and further support the children in developing as young people.  We believe that in order to be successful in helping children with behavioural needs, a collaborative approach between home and the academy is key.