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St John’s A Church of England Academy

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Reading Scheme

Reading scheme:

In the academy, we use the ‘Collins Big Cat’ reading scheme.  Children are put on the different coloured levels as they develop within their reading ability. These increase in difficulty within the words, language they use and the length of the text.

Reading Bands

Colour Band Age Year
Lilac 4-5 R
Pink 4-5 R
Red 4-5 R
Yellow 5-6 1
Blue 5-6 1
Green 5-6 1
Orange 6-7 2
Turquoise 6-7 2
Purple 6-7 2
Gold 6-7 2
White 7 2-3
Lime 7 2-3
Copper 7-8 3
Topaz 7-8 3
Ruby 8-9 4
Emerald 8-9 4
Sapphire 5 5
Diamond 10-11 6
Pearl 11 6

Once children become free readers, we encourage them to read a wide range of books, both non-fiction and fiction. We have subscribed to ‘First News’, giving children the opportunity to read a wider range of texts.

We also have a subscription to ‘Bug Club’ which children have access to all the time, at the academy and at home. In Bug Club the children can read a wide range of books that suit their reading ability and whilst reading they are able to show their understanding through comprehension activities.