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St John’s A Church of England Academy

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Members of the Senior Leadership Team and Responsibilities 

  • Mrs Sharron Close - Associate Headteacher
  • Mrs Nicola Woolerton – Acting Deputy Headteacher 
  • Mrs Natalie Smyth - Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr Craig Prestidge – Curriculum and SMSC, SENCo and Pastoral Lead

role of the Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team support the Associate Headteacher’s initiatives, helping to turn them into practical action and sharing his vision.  They ensure that robust systems are put into place and regularly monitor their effectiveness and impact on the teaching and learning within the academy.

They meet on a regular basis to feed into the development of the academy and to reflect and evaluate on the effectiveness of the academy’s systems ensuring the academy evolves.

Throughout their work the Senior Leadership look to draw upon the expertise of all members of staff within the wider team of the academy.