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St Hugh’s A Church of England Academy

Creativity Responsibility Wisdom

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St Hugh’s knows how vital a well-planned transition can be in helping young children prepare for the daunting change of moving to a ‘big school’ and re-evaluate our programme every year.

Our transition currently includes:

Prior to year 7 admission:

  • Communication between parents and our student support staff
  • Visits to the academy
  • Transition team visit and meet all prospective year 7 children in their current primary schools
  • New entrants evening where parents and pupils meet their form tutors, the Executive Headteacher and Head of House
  • Two day transition where pupils follow a typical school day timetable
  • A 'Passport' homework which enables each child’s tutor to find out more about them prior to admission

On admission in year 7:

  • Allocation to a House giving a sense of community
  • A letter to themselves forecasting their five years at St Hugh’s
  • Activity week based on the schools three values of Creativity, Wisdom and Responsibility.  Activities for 2017/18  included saving the titanic, team building, music workshops, building a rocket, PE, creating a video diary, and afternoon tea with parents and primary feeder school Headteachers.

We think it is vitally important not only focus on the transition from primary to secondary, but also to ensure pupils are well supported throughout their secondary school career, by teaching/modelling key life skills and behaviours that they will need throughout their life, and through all transitions that they will face after leaving school, for example gaining a job, mortgage, moving house, marriage, children, etc.

Team and roles within the team:

  • Mr Charlton – Head of Plato House (
  • Mr Hulse - Head of Socrates House (
  • Mr Martini - Head of Voltaire House (
  • Mrs Glover – Home School Liaison (

Key dates for the 2019 intake:

  • New entrants evening - TBC
  • Transition days - 2 and 3 July 2019

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