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St John’s A Church of England Academy

Creativity Responsibility Wisdom

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year 1

Teachers: Mr Cowan, Mrs Smyth and Miss Williams

Teaching Assistants: Miss Green and Mrs Towning

Mathematics Overview :-

  • Place Value to 100
  • Number bonds within 20
  • Shape 2D and 3D
  • Multiplication and division of 2 5 and 10
  • Fractions ½ and ¼
  • Measurement of mass capacity length

English Overview:

Children in year 1 will follow the scheme Read Write Inc. from September to develop reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar and phonics.

Science Overview:

  • Term 1 – Animals and Humans – naming common animals and their families,
  • Term 2 – Everyday Materials and their properties
  • Term 3 – Seasonal changes
  • Term 4 – Day and Night
  • Term 5 – Plants and how they grow
  • Term 6 – Animals and Humans – features

Topic Overview:

  • Term 1 - Picture perfect – To begin the year we will look at the work of Warhol and Monet and how they contributed to international achievements. We will compare their art work and look at recreating some of our own.
  • Term 2 - Whizz Bang Pop – For this topic we investigate the life of Guy Fawkes and his impact on history and within art we will look at how to use lines and pattern to create images.
  • Term 3 - Jolly Postman – Naming and locating the UK countries, map reading and comparing climates. We also look at comparing villages and cities and the structure of buildings. This term we will explore music and rhymes.
  • Term 4 - Reach for the Stars – Alongside our day and night science learning we will look at the life of Neil Armstrong and the journey he made to the moon. In art this term we will look at sculpture, drawing and painting.
  • Term 5 - Flower Pot Men – Alongside our work on plants we will be cooking using vegetables that we grow ourselves as well as how seasonal changes and weather patterns can have an impact.
  • Term 6 - Treasure Island – This term we will look at maps and compass work as well as simple fieldwork, where we will investigate our local area. For design and technology we begin to look at how mechanisms work and begin to make our own.